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Yoga & Yoga therapy  


Opening on November 11, 2023



In Japan, there are so many places where you can learn yoga. Big yoga studios are holding instructor training courses one after another, and my enthusiastic comrades who have learned there have continued and deepened their own learning, and are working to share yoga in Japan in their own style. That's what I'm doing. Yoga that moves the body (hatha yoga) was born in India 800 to 1100 years ago, and is a great culture that has been spread around the world by its predecessors who received direct instruction from great instructors. My goal is to teach you how to incorporate the essence of yoga in order to live comfortably in today's stressful society.I purposely named my small studio il circolo (Circle in Italian) because I didn't just teach yoga unilaterally, but rather I wanted to teach everyone what we felt and how we could incorporate yoga into our daily lives. I want this to be a place where we can express and exchange ideas about how we can live comfortably if we incorporate these ideas. The time I spend here is always wonderful.enemyI hope you have a good time (bel tempo).

Self-introduction of the organizer, Ikue Saito

I learned yoga while working as an office worker, and little by little, I started doing small activities to share  about yoga. I had learned Ashtanga yoga under Ken Harakuma, and yoga therapy at the Japan Yoga Medical Association. I spend my days with the goal of being natural and beautiful. Born in 1969, in the year of the Monkey, I love dogs.

Completed IYC Yoga Basic (Intermediate) Instructor Training Course

IYC Raji Yoga Instructor Certification

Completed SUN&MOON YOGA Restorative Yoga Instructor Training Course

Japan Yoga Medical Association Certified Yoga Therapist

SUDARSHANA YOGA Yin yoga comprehensive online course completed


​The Japan Yoga Medical Association describes the difference between regular yoga classes and yoga therapy as follows:

general yoga class


・For healthy people

・Teach yoga pose techniques

・Adjust your body to yoga poses

・Practice for fitness purposes

・Group targets

・People with flexible bodies tend to be praised.

yoga therapy


・Adapt yoga to each person's physical condition today

・Focus on slowing down and relaxation

・Awareness of not forcing yourself, not letting things happen, and valuing yourself

・Have a prevention/recovery perspective

・One-on-one or small group classes

・Support for self-healing ability

- Focused guidance on movement, rest, and breathing tailored to individual needs

At Yoga Beltempo, I also offer yoga lessons in small groups. By focusing on the poses and breathing without thinking too much, you will realize that yoga lessons can also have a therapeutic effect. Even if you have no health problems, yoga therapy is recommended when you are tired or don't want to move much. Please choose according to your mood and physical condition.

​Request before participating
  • ​This is a yoga salon that requires advance reservations and advance payment. Walk-in participation on the day will not be accepted.

  • If you are attending a lesson for the first time, I will ask you to fill out an application form in advance. I will also ask about your past illnesses and physical condition.

  • Please eat at least 4 hours before the lesson.We recommend that you take the test on an empty stomach. There will be no time set aside for drinking water during the lesson, but please be prepared if you tend to get thirsty.

  • Please bring your own yoga mat. Rentals are also available, but the number is limited, so please ask when making a reservation.

  • We do not recommend participating during your menstrual period (especially during the first 3 days when there is a lot of bleeding). If you find it easier to move your body, consider taking a yoga therapy class. In that case, do it after the 4th day.

  • Lessons can be taken regardless of gender or age. However, those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. Those under elementary school age may only participate if they can participate quietly. The studio is located on the second floor. There is no elevator, so please use the stairs.

  • Private lessons are available for 1 to 7 people (friends, family, etc.). However, I do not accept reservations for men only.

  • ​There are residents in the same building, so please be quiet when entering and exiting.

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The restorative yoga mountain stream pose felt good. My neck and back are stiff and painful, so it feels good to stretch out.


From a woman in her 50s

I found that it felt good to stretch the backs of my legs.

From a woman in her 40s

I felt very sleepy during the lesson and felt so good that I fell asleep during the last savasana.

From a woman in her 40s

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